What you don’t know about women

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We’re happy to announce that we’ve been invited to perform at the Kunst en Kunstig festival in Zeddam.

Next October 1st, ARTax will join forces with the McCray International Studio of Vocal Arts in their latest production: What You Don’t Know About Women, a theatrical concert with a twist.

Intimate moments are characterized by the most beloved American composers of the twentieth century: Gershwin, Bernstein, Sondheim, Barber and more.

An hour filled with passion, anger, sadness, joy, spiced with humor and framed by beautiful music. All what you know or do not know and is hidden in the hearts and minds of …. (You guessed it ..) … WOMEN !

Three young talents from The McCray Studio – Jessey-Joy Spronk, Stephanie van der Goes and Celine van Velsen – led by ARTax Music Artistic Director Violetta Lazin and accompanied by Sebastiano Evangelista at the piano, will take you to the best hidden corners of a woman’s soul. In several solos and ensembles, different forms of love will be showcased: new love, love lost, unexpected love, infidelity etc.

Here’s a little trailer…

What you don’t know about women: City of Angels

The idea of the show came to us last year: we gave a benefit concert that featured some American music, from musicals and operas. The response of the audience was enthusiastic: and how could it not be? This music sounds always so fresh and entertaining that it’s difficult not to be taken by it.

When we were approached to be part of the Kunst en Kunstig Festival, we thought of that program and expanded on the idea:

given the fact that all singers are women, the musical comedy “City of Angels” presented itself with the title of the show.

The program features excerpts from some of the most famous American works, like Candide, West Side Story, Porgy and Bess, City of Angels and others.

Take a look at what one of our performers, Jessey-Joy Spronk, did with the famous Glitter and be gay, from Leonard Berntein’s Candide.

Special guest as Ceremony Master: Eddy Braam.

For info and tickets please refer to this page.

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