Roode Bioscoop

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Theater de Roode Bioscoop


This will be our home for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival performances of My Name is: Woman: a wonderfully cozy space in the middle of the city, the Roode Bioscoop is exactly what we wanted for this type of show.

This venue has a long story, dating back more than a century ago: it opened its doors first in 1913 as a movie theater. The owner was politically left oriented and the movies he programmed were following the same line. Interesting perhaps, but not much business successful: the Roode Bioscoop closed down before World War II.

Luckily, its fortunes changed and in a few decades it became a new point of interest for cultural activities. Nowadays, the theater is actually expanding its premises and, with them, its activities.

So, if you don’t know this gorgeous gem yet, the Fringe Festival is your perfect opportunity. Take a look at our agenda for performance dates and don’t forget to book your ticket!


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