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Well, we must be doing something right…In these past few days we’ve been busy with the performances of My Name is: Woman at the Roode Bioscoop, as part of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival. The response we’ve got from the audience has been overwhelming, scroll down for a small sample.

On the media side in our sector, gave us an awesome 4/5 stars review as well, which you can read here.

Thank you everyone for your support!

My name is: woman - Theaterkrant

Photo by Remco Zwinkels

Audience reviews

Vulnerable, Powerful, Pride. Hard not to fall a little bit in love with somebody who opens up the good and the bad of her life in such a honest way, via her most expressive channel: the voice. It’s a kind of diary, informally told and accompanied by beautiful songs. Not just anyone’s diary. I can assure you. The voice is of exceptional beauty. That too has a background, which might be the only thing hidden in this performance, you’ll have to ask her. A small suggestion: sit in the back, de Roode Bioscoop is a little bit too small for this voice.

Jan Onthego

It wasn’t just a show, it was a story like no one that sat down expected. Intense, emotional and yet amazingly entertaining.
Kevin Veenman

Amazing show and a breathtaking voice of Violeta Lazin! It goes into the essence of our human being and identity of who we truly are! So powerful!
Nikita Fleming

I’ve rarely seen a performance that hits you right in the chest in terms of story like My Name Is: Woman! Chapeau to Violetta Lazin, who makes her way into your heart in no time. What a presence, what a voice. So moving, so vulnerable but at the same time so powerful and strong. And so beautiful. A story about love and hope that I will not forget that soon. Go see it! For me 5 stars
Johan Laffra

I never expect this from the flyer. This was awesome. She has an amazingly good voice. I was expecting a show with funny stories and 1 or 2 “songs”. You belong in an opera house. I would love to see your next show. You are almost a Diva. 🙂
Remco Van Grevenstein Âû

The impressive story of a refugee. The personal experiences of the narrator beautifully told and sung in an intimate one woman show. A must see!
Sander Volders

The story of the show is Violetta’s own personal story – emotional, touching and engaging. The repertoire of songs is diverse and the singer’s outstanding and highly dynamic performance shows her ability to tackle a variety of music styles with ease. The songs are presented with a beautiful piano accompaniment and are masterfully interwoven into the story, each one of them bringing up a different memory. All in all seeing and hearing My Name Is: WOMAN was a real treat!
Raya Hadzhieva

My name is: Woman is a must. Passion, history, emotion, drama and especially beautiful music. Violetta Lazin knows how to convey her story through the music and takes you on a journey through the history of her life and her own country.

Nuria Waterink

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