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Supporting the Arts

That music has the power to inspire and transcend all barriers, no matter how high or far they seem to extend.

Our mission is to stimulate and enhance the understanding of ourselves and others through the shared experience of live theater.

Music and theater have the power to inspire diverse audiences and enhance the cultural vitality of humanity.

My Name is: Woman

Photo by Ornella Tiberi

Marc Krone

Mission & Vision



By producing new plays and classics marked by innovative interpretations, reflection and inclusion of our community and the world in which we live ARTax’s mission is to stimulate, celebrate and enhance understanding of ourselves and others through the shared experience of live theater.



We, in ARTax, like to think that much of our appeal comes from the willingness to break old conceptions, conventions, and the barriers separating audience and cast. We do this by incorporating contemporary ways of stage movement for singers, testing the old canons of the traditional concept of opera and finding ways to appeal to new audiences by means of collaborating with other artistic and commercial companies.


Board of directors:

Henk de Kraa (President)

Monique Keus-Minderhout  (Treasurer)

Jeroen Stutterheim  (Secretary)

Nora Stehouwer


Honorary board:

James McCray

Eva Maria Westbroek

Frank van Aken

Aus Greidanus Senior

Ger Sutter


Artistic team:

Gianmaria Griglio – Artistic and Music Director

Violetta Lazin – Artistic Director

Marc Krone – stage director, artistic advisor

Aus Greidanus Senior – stage director, artistic advisor

Ivan Klemenc – stage movement acrobatic and fights (Serbia)

Ran Arthur Brown – stage direction, acrobatic and fights choreographer (Israel)

Prizrenka McCray – vocal and artistic advisor

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